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Why Sunni and Shia Unity?

                      Europe becomes one union, states of America become ‘United States’, but the Muslims? Busy in fighting with one another, financial and social crisis, Muslim countries in wars, if this is not sufficient then civil…

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Great Scholar Sheikh Ahmed Deedat: “This Shia Sunni Tension is the work of devil”


                      Sheikh Ahmad Deedat (Zakir Naik’s teacher) on the subject of Shia/Sunni A lecture given in Iran on March 3, 1982 . “When it comes to the Shafei, Hanbali, Hanafi and Maliki we are tolerant but when…

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Book: Need And Importance of Shia Sunni Unity by Dr. Israr Ahmed.

Israr Ahmed 6

                      “If we won’t get serious on this issue now and if we couldn’t achieve shia sunni unity here in this country then God forbid our country Pakistan will break in to pieces, then it…

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Article by Qazi Hussain Ahmed, ex Jamat-e-Islami Chief, on Muslim unity in Pakistan – 2012


                      Milli-Yakjehti-Council Announces its Next Agenda President Milli-Yakjehti-Council, Qazi Hussain Ahmed on Wednesday said that challenges being faced by the country can be countered through national unity and interfaith harmony. Addressing media-men here at the…

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Article: Bold and thought provoking, the Shia Sunni history and dialogue between them

Shia Sunni Unity

                      Dialogue Between Shias and Sunnis Muhammad Zakir Khan Azmi Excerpts from the orginal article: “The frightening upsurge in Shia-Sunni sectarian violence in recent days in some countries that have left hundreds dead and thousands…

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Report: An eye opener, ‘American Muslim Perspective’ exposes the plans to exploit Shia Sunni differences

Rand Report Shia Sunni Islam

                      Rand Report’s attempt to change Islam  “In another report released in December 2004, the Rand Corporation elaborated on the second point and recommended playing the two major Muslim sects Sunnis and Shiites against each…

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Video:Molana Ishaq “allegations against shias are fabricated by illiterate scholars”


                      Molana Ishaq Is Among The Well Known Sunni Scholars In Pakistan, He Has Delivered Various Lectures In Urdu & Punjabi Languages On Variety Of Subjects. Always In His Lectures, He Encourages Unity Between Sunni…

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Shaykh Mahmud Shaltut’s Fatwa about Shia Madhab(1959) is a symbol of hope

Israr Ahmed 6

                      Sheikh Shaltut is remembered for encouraging harmonious interactions between the two branches of Islam: Sunni and Shi’i. He maintained close relations with prominent Shi’i figures such as Seyyed Hossein Borujerdi and zealously campaigned for…

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Syed Zaki Baqri – How can we resolve this Shia Sunni Issue?

Zaki Baqri Sunni Shia unity

                      Syed Zaki Baqri, a shia scholar well-known for his work towards achieving religious harmony, challanges those who play with people’s religious sensitivites and emotions, spread hatered and divide muslims. The following audio clip is…

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Sunni and Shia Pray Together

Sunni and Shia Pray Together

                      Sunni and Shia ought to reach out and stand together: Kevin Barrett                      

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Maulana Tariq Jameel – Kafir on disrespecting Sahaba


                        Reply to shia kafir by moulana tariq jameel sahab Maulana Tariq Jameel speech on somone who does not respect Sahaba                      

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Video: Prominent Sunni Sccholar Tahir ul Qadri answers the critics who oppose him on working with Shias


                      Tahir-ul-Qadri explains how can we stay firm on our beliefs/aqaid and still work together. Additionally, acts of some individuals do not warrant declaration of kufr on certain sect.            …

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Video:Grand Leader Ayatullah Syed Ali Sistani on Shia Sunni united Govt in Iraq

aytullah Sistani

                      “Participate and work with them, And don’t call them ‘our brothers’, but say ourselves and work with them through this path”                      

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Shia Sunni Unity through Camera’s eye, from round the globe


                      From Pakistan to Lebanon, Iran and Saudi Arab, Iraq and Bahrain, see the Shia Sunni unity through camera’s eye. Throw away the glasses of hate, and see the existance of love in this world…

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Video: Khamenei calls for unity and brotherhood between the Shia & Sunni brothers


                       ” They have no options, their last effort is the shia sunni issue then try to say the Islamic Republic (of Iran) is a Shia Republic and try to portray it against the great…

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Syed Jawad on respecting Hazrat Ayesha as a wife of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)

Jawad -naqvi

                      Despite the differences between Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Ayesha that resulted in the battle of Jamal, well-known Shia scholar Agha Jawad Naqvi says that it is not allowed to disrespect Hazrt Ayesha as she…

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Movie: Inqelab-The Uprising of Truth – Picturising the corrupts who spread hatred

Inqelab Islamic Movie

                        A Bold Step By A Group Of Shia Youths Exposing The Black Sheeps In Their Community Who Present UnIslamic Practices as Shia Faith   The movie, it reveals the fact behind the scene…

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Syed Ali Khamenei’s Fatwa for Unity (read more…)


                      To be united we have to eliminate the problems on both sides which are causeing conflicts between the muslim Ummah. Here’s what Ayatollah Ali Khamenai, the supreme leader of islamic republic of Iran and Grand…

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Imam Khomeini on Shia Sunni Unity: Shi’ites and Sunni’s should avoid every kind of dispute

Imam - khomeini

                      “Those who attempt to cause discord among our Sunni and Shi’ite brothers are people who conspire for the enemies of Islam. Shi’ites and Sunni’s should avoid every kind of dispute. Today, discord among us…

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200 Muslim Scholars Endorsed The Amman Message(2005) “Shias are Muslim”


                      ‘True Islam and its Role in Modern Society’27-29 I Jumada 1426 H./4-6 July 2005 C.E.   Statement issued by the International Islamic Conference held in Amman, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. “1) Whosoever is an…

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