Can I see my Muslim brothers, sisters and children dying in the name of religion, being killed by their own Muslim brothers and I keep silent?

Can I sleep peacefully during the night while my fellow Muslims and their families sleep in fear?

My children wait for me me when I enter home, but in some parts the children receive the dead bodies of their fathers, their mothers, and then there is never ending wait for them in this world, living with the memories of the days when their parents would come back home….. they never come back

We are so weak when it comes to progress and prosperity but so strong when we have to fight with each other?

We confirm our place in Jannah by declaring other kafirs and even killing them as if the Jannah was our sole property and we built it

We hear our religious leaders, but do not listen to our inner soul as humans,  do not list to our Lord, out beloved Prophet(peace be upon him)

We hate dogs, we reason they are najis in our religion, because they attack each other, hurt and kill, the only animal that does this, and then we act like dogs, aren’t we ourselves are najis then? can something which is najis enter paradise

Shia Or Sunni, Who is kaffir, Who is Muslim, Whos is going to Heaven, Who is going to hell???

Unity? what unity? we will not unite with ‘other’ until and unless they become ‘us’

The world moves one, but we cannot, we have to first decide who is right, who is muslim and who is kafir, Shias or Sunnis, doesn’t matter it would mean our destruction by means of collateral damage

We debated this for 1400 years, our previous generations could not resolve this, it brought us to our dark age,

The pain is unbearable, hopes are fading, future is bleak, but I cannot remain silent, I have to speak, I have to tell everyone, I have to do my job, one day I will leave, one day I have to stand in front of my Lord, I will then open my heart, You will also be there, you have to open your heart, if you don’t speak your body parts will, be ready, be prepared what they will say, and imagine would you like that or hate,

My Lord,

You asked me ““The believers are but a single Brotherhood. So make peace and reconciliation between your two contending brothers, and observe your duty to God, that you may receive mercy.” (49:10-11)

I standup, I speak, only for your sake, make my voice heard, may my efforts are accepted,