Dialogue Between Shias and Sunnis

Muhammad Zakir Khan Azmi

Excerpts from the orginal article:

“The frightening upsurge in Shia-Sunni sectarian violence in recent days in some countries that have left hundreds dead and thousands injured, raises the question of whether there can at all be any possibility of dialogue between the two groups. It must be stressed that the deeply entrenched Shia-Sunni division remains the major obstacle to Muslim unity, and can only be resolved through dialogue”

“It must also be clearly understood that the enemies of Islam have consistently sought to play upon and fan these differences in order to promote their own interests. Unfortunately, some so-called Muslim scholars have played into their hands, and through their bitterly sectarian speeches and writings have inflamed hatred between Shias and Sunnis on a massive scale”

“For successful dialogue between Shias and Sunnis, it is essential to understand and analyse the nature of differences between the two sects from the doctrinal, juristic, intellectual and political perspectives. Furthermore, to be meaningful the dialogue must take into consideration both aspects of difference as well as convergence between Shias and Sunnis simultaneously. Most importantly, the dialogue should always be restricted to intellectual level, and should not, to begin with, involve the masses. Furthermore, the dialogue should in its initial stages focus on issues of convergence rather than the divergences between the two groups.”

“No one can deny that intra-Muslim conflict does nothing but weaken the ummah’s ability to counter the fierce challenges that it faces, thereby providing an opportunity to enemies to pursue their own agenda by playing on these divisions. All Muslims must, therefore, make it their priority to extend the hand of cooperation to other Muslim groups in order to unite the ummah. If Jewish and Christian groups can mend their fences and work towards bringing the two peoples closer together despite their differences, why cannot Muslims do the same? Muslims are followers of one religion, one prophet and share most of their beliefs in common. Why, then, have Muslims not been able to resolve their differences and boldly face the challenges of the modern world? Why have Muslims not been able to realize that the conflicts between Shias and Salafis have achieved nothing but have only served the purposes of their opponents? ”

Read the full article (Note: The article should not be treated as 100% verified as some people might disagree with some content, however, it should be read with the view of finding a way out of this shia-sunni conflict)


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