” They have no options, their last effort is the shia sunni issue

then try to say the Islamic Republic (of Iran) is a Shia Republic and try to portray it against the great Sunni society(nations) and try to stir up sectarian tensions and bigotry This is an important and dangerous point, the are in fact doing! (corrupt) political hands are at work All of us must do our utmost, and put all our energy in destroying this plot of the opressive powers everybody must be alert! including all our nation, officials, religious students our hard working religious scholars who serve the people all must pay attention not to do or say anything that will help the plan of the enemies (of Islam) This obligation is also on the Sunni school of thought our Sunni brothers should also know the enemy’s plot is to stir up conflict and sectarianism (between us) to make brothers kill each other! nothing less than this! they too (Sunnis) must be awake and alert to this threat. ”

Watch the video: Imam Khamenei on Shia-Sunni Unity – [Eng Subs]

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